Finance and Banking Industry:

  • National Insurance Company (CH)
  • Credit Management Services (CH)
  • Retail Banks (CH)
  • International Insurance Companies (CH)
  • Cantonal Building Insurance (CH)
  • Regional Retail Banks (CH)

Information and Communication Technology:

  • Financial Services Provider (CH)
  • IT Service Provider (CH)
  • International Roaming Provider (CH, GB)
  • Enterprise Software Company (CH)


  • Tool Manufacturer (CH)
  • Engineering and Equipment Manufacturing Company (CH, IN)
  • Industry Conglomerate (CH, D)
  • Mechanical Engineering Company (CH, D, GB, F, USA, CN)
  • Multinational Appliance Manufacturer (CH, D, S)
  • Regional Elevator Company (CH)
  • International Elevator Company (CH, D, IN, CN, USA)
  • International Industrial Manufacturer (CH, D)
  • Valve Manufacturer (CH)
  • Dry Processing Company (CH, USA)
  • International Mining Company (CH, A)
  • Packaging Company (CH)
  • Defense, Security and Advanced Technology Company (CH)
  • Security Provider (CH)
  • Company for Speciality Chemicals (CH)

Consumer Goods:

  • Food Company (CH)
  • Retail Company (CH)
  • Sweets Manufacturer (CH)
  • Beverage Company (CH)


  • Manufacturer and Supplier of Concrete Products (CH)
  • Local Construction Company (CH)
  • Swiss Construction and Construction Services Company (CH)
  • Cement Manufacturer (CH)
  • Engineering Offices (CH)


  • Federal Offices (CH)
  • Cantonal Offices (CH)
  • Municipalities (CH)
  • Associations (CH)
  • State Chancellery (CH)
  • Real Estate Management (CH)


  • Regional Energy Companies (CH)
  • Energy Trader (CH, CZ, PL)
  • Energy Company (CH)
  • Municipal Utilities (CH)

Health Care:

  • Private Hospital Group (CH)
  • University Hospital (CH)
  • Medical Laboratory (CH)
  • Regional Hospital (CH)

Transport & Logistics:

  • Automotive Suppliers (CH)
  • Railway Company (CH)
  • Global Courier Delivery Company (CH, I, F, USA)
  • Valuables Logistics (CH)
  • International Airline (CH)


  • International Retailing Group (CH, D, I)
  • Textile Trading Company (CH)