We at Meister Networks see ourselves as our clients’ partner and handle all aspects of recruitment for them.

The way in which we handle complex search requirements differs from one assignment to another; our service is therefore always tailored to the specific needs of the individual client and job responsibilities. To enable projects to be completed efficiently and successfully, we must be familiar with our clients, the challenges of the particular post and the background of each vacancy.  That is why each search assignment begins with a clearly defined search strategy coordinated with the client. Careful identification, direct and discreet contacts together with the professional selection of key managers and professional specialists, are our core expertise.

We therefore advise and serve companies of different sizes in many sectors on an assignment basis; apart from small and medium-sized enterprises, international groups also engage our services. When you opt for cooperation with Meister Networks, you benefit from a systematic and efficient recruitment solution designed specifically to meet your particular needs.

Recruitment by Direct Search

When you need to recruit a professional employee or a manager who is hard to find because of the specific qualifications required, we can massively increase the chances of success by recruitment based on a direct search. Through a sophisticated, multi-stage process, we identify potential candidates on the employment market and discuss the vacancy personally with them. The great benefit of this approach is that your vacancy is not simply brought to the attention of individuals who are already looking for a new post but also to those who are not (yet) actively looking for a post but might nevertheless envisage a change.

Recruitment by Advertising

If you do not have enough time or lack the staff resources, or if you cannot turn to the employment market yourself for reasons of discretion, we are able to handle the entire recruitment process on your behalf. We start by discussing the profiles together and you finally make your choice from the shortlist of candidates selected by us.

Combined Option

The methods described above can be combined. Placing advertisements enables all potential candidates who are actively looking for a job opportunity to apply for the position. In addition, we canvas the market by a direct search and therefore approach potential candidates who are not yet actively looking for a new job but are receptive to a new challenge. An advertisement supplements and facilitates the direct search.